Aquatic Vegetation and Algae Control

Aquatic Management

If you are responsible for the care and management of a retention pond in a HOA, municipal facility, golf course or private residence, you know how overgrown and unattractive they can become. Sure, the main purpose of these systems is to manage stormwater, but many times they become an eyesore to your residents or tenants due to neglect as the result of budgetary concerns.

Help lower your costs via routine aquatic vegetation and algae control

Your stormwater pond runs the risk of being overrun by invasive and non-native vegetation every day, which can further detract from the beauty of your pond as well as its functionality. Maintaining your pond and keeping it appealing to your residents or tenants is a balancing act many HOA boards and property managers struggle with each day.

That’s why routine aquatic management not only provides functional applications, but pleasurable aesthetics as well.

Sure times are tight, but no one wants to look at a retention pond with poor vegetation surrounded by fencing. Instead, enhance your pond through routine maintenance. A natural looking, ecologically balanced and useful water feature will add value in the eyes of your residents, tenants or members. And that’s where Aquatic Management Strategies can help!

Functional benefits

A retention pond has a primary purpose; to manage stormwater runoff. Routine maintenance not only enhances the overall aesthetics of a pond or lake, it also assists in the reduction of common pollutants found in runoff water after rain storms. By encouraging the growth of beneficial, aquatic vegetation, proper management practices can also help to control erosion along the shore. Increased wildlife sightings as well as enhanced fishing are other functional benefits of consistent pond management.

Aesthetic uses

Just as your home lawn requires routine landscaping to maintain its curb appeal, ponds require routine management to keep them beautiful. And given the almost ideal climate here in Central Florida, we have many colorful and beneficial aquatic plants available to enhance a pond’s aesthetics.

For example, floating vegetation such as water lilies and water shield provide fragrant and colorful flowers while planting trees such as pond cypress provide birds and animals with food. Native grasses and rushes provide cover for fish while allowing for a natural habitat for mosquito-eating predators such as dragon flies.

If you are looking to:

  • Control shoreline erosion
  • Reduce the introduction of non-native vegetation
  • Improve water quality
  • Improve wildlife use
  • Reduce the risk of heavy fines
  • Keep your stormwater system functioning properly
  • Generally improve the overall aesthetics of your pond

With dedication and careful planning, Aquatic Management Strategies can tailor a successful management plan designed to enhance your lake or pond. We would love to speak to your about your project. Call Aquatic Management Strategies now at 407-207-5959 to speak with one of our experts.

Vegetation Removal

Often, aquatic growth becomes too much to address with chemical or biological controls alone. In these instances, it becomes necessary to physically remove the excessive growth. If we are managing your removal project, we’ll stay with you throughout the process to ensure it is completed in a professional, timely and affordable way to your specifications.

Whenever possible, we don’t work with heavy machinery to reduce the impact in noise and distress to the community, grounds and aquatic ecosystem. Most clearing jobs can be done manually, utilizing only small handheld tools and equipment. Contact us for an estimate!