Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you offer monthly maintenance service?

    Absolutely, that’s our bread and butter! For over 20 years we have specialized in navigating the complexities of working with homeowner and property owner associations. If your community’s pond or stormwater system is experiencing problems we can inspect and propose a course of action.

    Our monthly service includes standard aquatic weed control for submersed, emergent and floating plants, as well as algae. Plus, you’ll receive a report each month detailing our work. And if you are interested in stocking grass carp, our monthly service includes working with FWC to obtain and maintain your permit!

    Whether you are an HOA, commercial property, government entity, golf course or private residence, we can help.

  • What if my pond is currently in bad shape?

    Sometimes, ponds become overgrown or unhealthy due to invasive plant species or simple lack of attention. We can estimate what it will take to get the pond back to functionality, and then offer a strategy to keep it in shape with monthly service. Give us a call to find out more.

  • What are the benefits of grass carp?

    These fish are nothing but beneficial, consuming and preempting many noxious aquatic weeds that are nearly impossible to control with chemicals alone. When stocked as a complement to herbicide treatments, they act as an outstanding long-term biological control agent for the worst plants, including hydrilla, slender spikerush, among others.

    Best part is that they are environmentally friendly and affordable! Many communities consider them a wise investment that sees a definite positive return in the long run when compared to the costs of controlling aquatic vegetation chemically or manually.

  • How do we go about getting grass carp?

    We’ll be happy to stock your pond with grass carp! First, you’ll need a permit. If you have an account with us, we will obtain the permit for you. You can also visit the FWC website and apply for your own permit. Since they are a regulated species FWC may require barriers at any pond outlets to prevent migration. There would be an affordable added cost for design and construction of these carp barriers.

    Once FWC approves and issues the permit, we will stock your fish, even if you don’t have a maintenance account with us. These fish are growing ever more common as control agents for aquatic vegetation, so much so National Geographic has done a program on their use!

  • Do you stock game fish?

    Yes, we stock Florida largemouth bass, bluegill, sunfish, gambusia minnows (mosquitofish) and occasionally channel catfish. Bass are great for game fishing and catch-and-release, as are bluegill and sunfish for the kids. An added benefit of bluegill and sunfish is that they can be stocked for moderate mosquito control, as can the gambusia, which all consume the insect larvae along the shoreline. A healthy, diverse population of these native fish also aerates and increases dissolved oxygen levels in your pond, a huge benefit. Contact us for a quote today!

  • Why aerators and not fountains?

    While fountains are attractive and help circulate water, they only cover a small part of the pond. An aeration system helps increase dissolved oxygen levels throughout the entire pond using a system of multiple underwater diffusers. This action stimulates natural aerobic digestion, which greatly reduces nutrient levels and associated algal growth. Aerators also work to reduce oxygen related fish kills, mosquito problems, foul odors and organic bottom sediment, creating a healthier pond and ultimately a happier community.

  • Do you install or repair fountains?

    Unfortunately, no. We are, however, a distributor for Aquamaster fountains, and are happy to provide a quote for a new fountain system to be drop shipped to your location. New fountains also come with an outstanding warranty!

  • Do you manually clean, clear or harvest vegetation?

    Absolutely! Often, aquatic growth becomes too much to address with chemical or biological controls alone. In these instances, it becomes necessary to physically remove the excessive growth. If we are managing your removal project, we’ll stay with you throughout the process to ensure it is completed in a professional, timely and affordable way to your specifications.

    Whenever possible, we don’t work with heavy machinery to reduce the impact in noise and distress to the community, grounds and aquatic ecosystem. Most clearing jobs can be done manually, utilizing only small handheld tools and equipment. Contact us for an estimate!

  • Are aquatic herbicides safe to use?

    In their concentrated form, all herbicides should be handled with great care. However, once diluted according to label instructions for application into an aquatic environment, herbicides labeled for aquatic use meet the most stringent safety standards and are considered safe by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. Herbicides permitted for use in water are not “restricted use” herbicides, which means they are far less toxic than those used in most agricultural operations or even pesticides used in the home.

  • What kind of beneficial bacteria do you use and why?

    We use a science-backed product called Bio-Zyme to address chronic algae problems. In the simplest terms possible, Bio-Zyme is a blend of completely safe, non-toxic live bacteria and enzymes. This naturally occurring blend will literally consume and remove the nutrients, impurities and muck in your lake. It’s these organic and inorganic nutrients that cause algae blooms. Over time, Bio-Zyme can tame the algae creature living in your lake and help return it to a more balanced, manageable state.

  • This is great! How do we get started?

    Great question! You can reach out to us using the contact form on this website, or you can contact us directly. Send us an email at: info@cleanfloridaponds.com. Or just give a us call the old-fashioned way at 407-207-5959. Unlike many of our larger competitors, if we aren’t able to pick up right away, we’ll call you back, usually within 24 hours!

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